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Year 9

Year 9 Drama

Term 1:  Stimulus Project

Students work in small groups to create, develop and perform their own pieces of devised theatre, based on a variety of stimuli e.g. text, visual or object.

Homework 1 : Research into the context of chosen stimulus

Homework 2: Realisation of Character and Design Ideas

Homework 3: Rehearse and prepare for Practical Assessment


Term 2:  Epic Theatre and Script

Students will initially learn about the purpose and intentions of Brecht as a Theatre Practitioner.  They will also learn about the key conventions that he used to shape modern theatre and create his own Epic Theatre using didactic techniques to promote debate and opinion within his audience.

Students will then be required to identify a current news topic or issue to be developed into a piece of Didactic Theatre. 

Homework 1 : To explore the work of Bertolt Brecht

Homework 2: To research current Political and Social issues for didactic theatre

Homework 3: To rehearse and prepare script for practical assessment


Term 3:  Introduction to GCSE Drama

This unit introduces students to the skills, aptitudes and work ethic that is needed to study GCSE Drama.

Homework 1 : Research Project of Terminology, Skills and Conventions of the Theatre

Homework 2: Extended Writing to review and evaluate Live Theatre

Homework 3: Reading of Playtexts