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**  Update: Uniform Consultation 2017 **

Back in September 2016, we recognised that to change the uniform entirely as CMAT came in, would place a burden on families and would not give us the time to properly consult on different views. We have therefore been consulting through 2016/17 with a view to a full uniform change in September 2017.

We have valued your comments and taking them into consideration as we work with the Student Council and the feedback they gained from the Student Voice. As a result we now have samples to show you, kindly modelled by our students. A final decision on the consultation will be made at the start of the Summer Term in April/ May.

Please view the consultation photos here. 

Students must wear the correct uniform when travelling to and from the College as well as during the school day.


  • White collared shirt.

  • College sweatshirt with the College logo which may be removed in lessons with the teacher’s permission and outside in hot weather.

  • Plain black, full-length, tailored school trousers or traditional-style, knee-length skirt of normal school style.

  • Plain black, smart, leather-type shoe, suitable for a professional office environment.

  • One pair of plain studs for pierced ears. In certain circumstances studs will need to be removed for safety reasons.

  • A bag, large enough to fit an A4 folder, and suitable for carrying books and other equipment safely and without damage.

  • A suitable plain, waterproof and windproof coat.  This must not be worn in classrooms, assemblies or in the canteen.





Not allowed

  • Coloured shirts, T-shirts or sweaters.

  • Non-College sweatshirts.

  • Jeans, leggings, jeggings or culottes.

  • Cropped trousers.

  • Fashion trousers with decorative buttons or zips.

  • Trainers or similar footwear.

  • Obvious make up, nail varnish, unnatural hair coourings and extremes of hair style.

  • Jewellery.

  • A crucifix or ‘Medic Alert’ bracelet or necklace unless we receive a letter from home requesting this.

  • Carrier bags.

  • Light tracksuit tops, hooded tops and coats or tops made from denim or leather.

  • Hats except in cold weather.

  • Baseball-style hats except in very hot weather when they may be worn on the College playing field to provide protection from the sun.

These trousers and skirts are not acceptable:

These trousers and skirts are acceptable:

These shoes are not acceptable:

These shoes are acceptable: