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Students must wear the correct uniform when travelling to and from the College as well as during the school day.


  • White collared shirt.

  • College sweatshirt with the College logo which may be removed in lessons with the teacher’s permission and outside in hot weather.

  • Plain black, full-length, tailored school trousers or traditional-style, knee-length skirt of normal school style.

  • Plain black, smart, leather-type shoe, suitable for a professional office environment.

  • One pair of plain studs for pierced ears. In certain circumstances studs will need to be removed for safety reasons.

  • A bag, large enough to fit an A4 folder, and suitable for carrying books and other equipment safely and without damage.

  • A suitable plain, waterproof and windproof coat.  This must not be worn in classrooms, assemblies or in the canteen.





Not allowed

  • Coloured shirts, T-shirts or sweaters.

  • Non-College sweatshirts.

  • Jeans, leggings, jeggings or culottes.

  • Cropped trousers.

  • Fashion trousers with decorative buttons or zips.

  • Trainers or similar footwear.

  • Obvious make up, nail varnish, unnatural hair coourings and extremes of hair style.

  • Jewellery.

  • A crucifix or ‘Medic Alert’ bracelet or necklace unless we receive a letter from home requesting this.

  • Carrier bags.

  • Light tracksuit tops, hooded tops and coats or tops made from denim or leather.

  • Hats except in cold weather.

  • Baseball-style hats except in very hot weather when they may be worn on the College playing field to provide protection from the sun.

These trousers and skirts are not acceptable:

These trousers and skirts are acceptable:

These shoes are not acceptable:

These shoes are acceptable: