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Student Council

Student Council

* This page is currently due for review and update. Please check back later *

Student Council members have recently been elected, and further information about planned meetings and projects will be published regularly here.

Who leads the College Council?

College Council is chaired by the Chair of College Council, who is a Year 10 or Year 11 student elected by College Council.

The Chair’s role is to oversee and develop student representation across the school, making sure that all groups of students are represented. They also run the elections of Head Boy and Head Girl.

Who makes up the College Council?

Each main school year group has a Year Council.

At their first meeting of each year, the Year Council will nominate 3 students to sit on the College Council.

The Sixth Form Council nominates 4 students, and their Chair also has a guaranteed place on College Council.

  • Early priorities for the College council have been:

    1. College Catering ( a range of issues relating to food quality, locations of provision)

    2. Rewards

    3. Environment

  • Feedback has now been received on some of those issues, and revised priorities and plans are:

    1. Rewards

    2. Provision of Toilet Facilities

    3. The Charitable event ‘The Dorset Walk’

    4. The use of mobile telephones in school

  • The charitable work of the council is already having an impact! Children in Need events organised independently by students raised £1373.29, more than in most recent years!


"Student Voice, Student Leadership, Student Impact"


College Council: Annual Process

Year Council members are elected by tutor groups in September each year.

Three students from each Year Council are elected by the Year Council to join sit on College Council.

Three students from the Sixth Form Council are also to be elected by that Council to sit on College Council.

If a student Chair of Sixth Form Council is in place, they shall also be entitled to sit on College Council.

Year 7 Representation

3 x Year Council members

Year 8 Representation

3 x Year Council members

Year 9 Representation

3 x Year Council members

Year 10 Representation

3 x Year Council members

Year 11 Representation

3 x Year Council members

Sixth Form Representation

4 x Sixth Form Council Members

After February half-term each year, the Chair of College Council is elected from the then current Year 10 Year Council, and serves for one year, Easter to Easter. Election is by the College Council.

Head Boy and Head Girl are elected at the same time, from the then Year 10 Year Council and serve from Easter to Easter. Election is by the whole school community, staff and students.

College Council will be able to nominate members or groups of members to hold certain responsibilities, including, among others:

  • Charity Work
  • Environment
  • Catering

The Head Boy and Head Girl will lead the student body and serve as figurehead representatives, as well as performing duties on certain official occasions, such as Presentation Evening. The Chair of College Council will lead the work of the student leadership structures. All 3 students will be invited, periodically to join Senior Leadership Team meetings.