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Religious Education 

Religious Education

Years 7 and 8

In Key Stage 3 students will focus first on developing their understanding of different beliefs. There is an emphasis on Christianity and Islam, as these will be the religions of particular focus during the GCSE course; however they will also study other beliefs such as Atheism and Hinduism and will explore the views of Agnostics and Humanists.

Students will then move on to discover what different believers think and how they act about some of the big issues in the world. This will be in thematic studies, for example on the environment.

Year 9

Students in Year 9 begin a full GCSE in Religious Education.  The GCSE course has a focus on real life issues and how people of different beliefs deal with them. These issues range from family issues such as marriage and childbirth, to world issues such as war and charity. The two religions that we focus on in the course are Christianity and Islam; however students will also be able to use their own experience and knowledge and our studies cover a range of non-religious attitudes to the moral issues that are explored