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Students study AQA GCSE Psychology. The course is made up of two units, one of which is studied in Year 10 and the other in Year 11. There is no coursework to complete, however students are examined at the end of Year 11. There are two examinations  to complete.

In Year 10 students learn a variety of Psychological topics such as Memory, Non Verbal Communication, Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination and explanations of  how personality develops. There are a number of key studies which students are expected to know and evaluate.

In Year 11 students investigate the different theories of Learning, Social influence, Aggression, Sex & Gender. Both units include a component of research methods and students are introduced to key terminology and concepts of psychological research methodology.

In Year 11 there is a greater emphasis on the theories which underpin the studies. Students are expected to evaluate both the theory and the key studies associated with the approach.