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Physical Education

Years 10 and 11

GCSE (We currently offer Edexcel GCSE in Physical Education (2PE01))

For those pupils wishing to study physical education at GCSE level they will be assessed in four practical areas taking on roles from the following categories: player / participant, official or leader.

Pupils will also study the relationship between exercise and our short and long term health as well as the effects of physical activity on our body systems, and 2 theory lessons a week will prepare students for their final examination. All pupils taking this course are required to complete one piece of written coursework which focuses on a six week ‘personal exercise plan’ or PEP which pupils design themselves to improve their practical performance in their chosen activity.

GCSEs in Physical Education Aims: - encourage students to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and to develop an awareness and appreciation of their own and others’ cultures in relation to physical education - encourage creativity and decision-making skills to enable students to plan effectively for performance and to respond to changing situations - prepare students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices - enable students to become increasingly physically competent through being actively engaged in a range of physical activities, and to become increasingly effective in their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player / participant, leader and official - enable students to develop their ability to engage independently and successfully in different types of physical activity, and to develop and maintain their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

OCR Level ½ Sport Studies:

Vocational PE is taught at Level 2 with students able to access Level 1 should they be unable to meet the criteria required for Level 2, in the form of OCR Cambridge National in Sport Studies. Students study 4 units of work, including Contemporary Issues in Sport, Sports Leadership and Sport and the Media. Work is assessed in 3 units using controlled assessment assignments which are to be completed in school, under controlled conditions. To prepare for assignments, students study a range of topics, practical lessons, vocational application by taking on different roles such as a Personal Trainer, and produce a final assessment for submission. Assessment can take place in a variety of forms such as; Video evidence, presentations, articles, written text or witness statements.

All students must sit an external examination for one of the units (Contemporary Issues in sport), the content for which is delivered within the classroom predominantly, although a range of approaches are used to make this engaging and learner friendly.

Vocational PE is more suited to students who have an interest in PE and Sport but may not participate to a high level.

Core PE: Year 10/11

Recreational focused with students in year 10 completing for 2 hours a week and students in year 11 completing for 1 hour a week.  The aim is to provide students with regular exposure to Physical Activity and encourage a lifelong love of participation. Emphasis is on developing students ability to create and organise competitions and officiate games, providing the necessary skills to participate in activities outside of a school setting.

The activities offered include:

Rugby Union (Boys Only), Netball (Girls Only), Basketball, Football, Hockey, Gymnastics, Rounders, Athletics, Fitness, Cricket, Badminton and Handball.

Classes are where possible taught in same sex groups, although occasionally mixed sex groups may be necessary.