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Physical Education

Years 7, 8 and 9

(2 hours a week) (sometimes 3:1)

Lessons in Key Stage 3 follow a course which emphasises skill development and tactical approaches in a variety of sports as well as developing knowledge and understanding of health & fitness.

The Activities Studied include:

Rugby Union (Boys Only), Netball (Girls Only), Basketball, Football, Hockey, Gymnastics,  Rounders, Athletics, Fitness, Cricket, Badminton and Handball.

What skills students develop

•Their ability to perform a wide range of sporting techniques and tactics with precision, fluency and control.

•Their ability to make and apply decisions in different sporting situations.

•Their mental determination to succeed and their physical capacity to cope with the demands of different activities.

•Their ability to evaluate their own and others' performances and suggest areas for improvement.

•Their ability to make informed choices about the types of activity they are suited to and the roles that they can take on.

How students are assessed

Students are taught in mixed and single gender classes depending on the activity covered and set according to their level of ability. Students' practical performances are assessed on a lesson by lesson basis with clear guidance given on how to achieve the expectations for each level.   Formal assessment lessons are also conducted during the last week of each sport where students are given an attainment level for each activity they study.