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Media Studies

What is Media Studies?

Media Studies involves the close analysis of the images, sounds and text that we experience via the media. It is the study of individual media texts such as films, TV shows, magazines, and websites.

As we progress into the 21st century, communications are becoming faster and faster. Think of the millions of different media images you are bombarded with every day. It is as important now to be able to read and make sense of those images, as it has been to be able to read a text you might study in English.

GCSE Media

As a GCSE media student, you will analyse the relationship between audience and text, as well as creating your own products which show you understand how existing media communicates. The course involves watching and analysing film and television clips, producing your own radio show and making your own magazine.
Coursework – 60% of total marks

  • Year 10
    Pop Music – Analyse the representation of gender in two music videos and produce your own CD cover
  • Year 11
    Radio show production – Create a 3-4 minute extract from a magazine style radio show

Exam – 40% of total marks
Analysis of a print production (magazine)

Comparing audience pleasures in television comedy