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Leisure and Tourism

Leisure and Tourism

GCSE Leisure and Tourism


Single Award

Unit 1 – 40% exam

Unit 2 – 60% controlled assessment



Double  Award

Unit 1 – 20% exam

Unit 2 – 30% controlled assessment

Unit 3 – 20% case study (exam)

Unit 4 – 30% controlled assessment

This course aims to actively engage students in the study of leisure and tourism to develop as effective and independent learners.  Students study the nature of the leisure and tourism industry and develop an understanding of the contribution that leisure and tourism makes to society and the economy.

Unit 1 (Single and Double Award)

Understanding Leisure and Tourism Destinations – candidates in this unit will learn about and gain an understanding of leisure and tourism destinations, this will include studying the range of places people visit in their leisure time, why they choose them, how they get there and why they chose that method of travel

Unit 2 (Single and Double Award)

The Nature of Leisure and Tourism - in this unit, students will look at the reasons why people use leisure and tourism facilities and the different type of leisure and tourism organisations that provide products and services.  Students will also look at the rapid pace of change in the UK leisure and tourism industry and importance of these changes in relation to attitudes and cultures.  This unit will also explore the health and safety issues leisure and tourism organisations face and look into employment opportunities.

Unit 3 (Double Award)

The Business of Leisure and Tourism – this unit look at the marketing (promotion & sales) activities of leisure and tourism, as well as furthering their studies undertaken for unit 2.

Unit 4 (Double Award)

Investigating Tourism Destinations and Impact – students are undertaking investigatory work for this unit by research tourism destinations in more detail, to discover more about the impacts that tourism has on real places, people and environments.  Students will be look at choice of travel routes and methods available to people to reach these destinations.