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Business Management

Business Management

Business Management and Business Administration qualification are offered at Key Stage 5.

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Business Level 3 Extended Diploma

OCR – Cambridge Technical

100% internal assessment (course work)

180 credits

1080 GLH


This course provides you with the opportunity to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.  The course is designed to appeal to students interested in a career in business.

This programme aims to provide students with an in depth understanding of the operations and structures of businesses and also to equip students with the skills required to succeed in employment or at university. 

Year 12 – 9 units

Year 13 – 9 units

Unit 1 – The Business Environment

Unit 5 – Human Resources Management

Unit 2 – Business Resources

Unit 6 – Business Communication

Unit 3 – Introduction to Marketing

Unit 7 – Financial Accounting

Unit 4 – Business Accounting

Unit 8 – Management Accounting

Unit 9 – Creative Product Promotion

Unit 12 – Recruitment and Selection

Unit 10 – Market Research

Unit 15 – Team Building

Unit 13 – Development Planning

Unit 19 – Website design

Unit 14 – Business Event

Unit 20 – Business Ethics

Unit 17 – Health & Safety

Unit 21 – Business Economics

OCR Administration Level 2


100% internally assessed coursework

Includes Work Experience

This one year course provides candidates with high quality, industry-recognised qualifications that provide valuable opportunities for individuals to develop skills and gain underpinning knowledge and understanding. 

This course will include at least one period of work experience which is external to the college.

Mandatory Units of Study

  • Working in administration

  • Written business communications

  • Work experience in Administration

Options Units

  • Career planning in administration

  • Financial transactions

  • Organise Business travel and accommodation

  • Organise meetings

  • Handling diary systems

  • Welcome visitors

  • Text production

  • Work processing

  • Speed keying

OCR Administration (Business Professional) Level 3


100% internally assessed coursework

This two year course is suitable for those who wish to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of complex administrative functions and activities which enable them to carry out a range of non-routine administrative tasks in a senior job role.  It will enable the candidate to work effectively in a wide variety of business environments, both independently and within a team.  These qualifications will provide preparation and support entry for employment into the business and administration workplace. 

This course will include at least one period of work experience which is external to the college.

Mandatory Units of Study

  • Producing complex business documents

  • Understanding functions and roles within business organisations

  • Work experience (two weeks)

Options Units

  • Supporting recruitment and selection procedures

  • Verbal communications

  • Carry out research and prepare a report

  • Working in an administrative team

  • Text production

  • Word processing