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Business can be studied at either BTEC or GCSE level during Key Stage 4.

BTEC Level 2 Award in Business

75% internal assessment

25% external assessment

120 credits

This course has been developed to encourage the growth of knowledge and skills within the business environment, by giving a wider understanding and appreciation of the broad range of business specialisms. 

BTEC Firsts in Business can help you take your first steps towards a career in the business world. You’ll learn essential skills such as business enterprise, project management, selling and promoting a brand, and financial awareness, from planning to making a profit. 

Unit 1 (mandatory)

Enterprise in the Business World – this unit explores what businesses do, trends that affect how they operate and the factors that influence their success.  Students explore different types of business ownership and plan an idea for a realistic business start-up in the local area.

Unit 2 (mandatory)

Finance for Business – students studying this unit will explore the types of costs that businesses incur, explore the ways in which the sale of products and services generate revenue and how businesses plan for success.

Unit 4

Principles of Customer Service – this until will look at the ways in which meeting the needs and expectations of customers can be achieved.  They will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the importance of delivering consistent and reliable customer service through the development of their own customer service skills.

Unit 8

Recruitment, Selection and Employment – students will be introduced to the variety of job roles that exist within businesses and the various functions that are performed by individual roles.  They are given the opportunity to complete person specifications and job descriptions for given job roles and complete and application for an interview for a specific job role.  Students will then prepare their own career development plan.



GCSE Business Studies



75% written examination

25% controlled assessment

Unit 1 – 40% exam

Unit 2 – 35% exam

Unit 3 – 25%

This course will help students understand more about how and why businesses operate in the way they do.  Students are able to relate what they study to everyday activities and the news reported in the media.  As well as developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the world of business, this course helps students to develop a range of skills such as:  decision making, interpreting and managing information and devising solutions to problems and issues.

Unit 1

Setting up a business - this unit introduces students to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages students to appreciate that businesses must operate within society and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives

Unit 2

Growing as a business - this section continues expanding the skills and knowledge from unit 1

Unit 3

Investigating Businesses - Task Setting.   All controlled assessment tasks will be set by AQA.  Tasks will be replaced each year and will only be available for one assessment opportunity.  AQA will provide centres with pre-released material which will require students to undertake a business investigation.