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  • Trips and Student Exchanges

    Published 06/02/18

    🌍See the world! Travel & explore as you learn! 🗺️

    Last few places on the Battlefields, French Christmas Market & Spanish exchange trips are being snapped up. Get your permission forms in quick! Wonderful trips organised by our passionate staff who feel these trips could really benefit any student studying languages and history!

    Check out the letters send home on our website here:

    Our German exchange to Italy is leaving THIS WEEK and we look forward to reporting back to you the successes of the trip.

    What do the following have in common?

    Llama trekking


    German Karneval celebrations

    Venice masks and costumes

    They – and more! - are all part of the exciting programme which the German Exchange students will be enjoying shortly.  Ms O’Reilly-Turner is taking a small group of students from Years 9-11 to Bozen (Bolzano) the capital of South Tyrol, a German-speaking autonomous region in northern Italy.  We have partnered with the Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium in Bozen which is a German-speaking secondary school which specialises in social sciences and tourism.  They will all be staying with host families and enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences of life lived in the German language, but taking place in Italy.  The students will also be attending lessons in their exchange partner school for a couple of days. 

    Watch out for regular updates on their adventures! Check out Facebook for regular photos!

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  • Pancake Day

    Published 06/02/18

    Ely College has a flippin' good time on Pancake Day!

    Pabulum will be serving pancakes with a choice of toppings in the school dining hall. Have a delicious treat to celebrate in style. Only 70p.

    We will also be running an Inter House pancake flipping competition in the Technology catering classrooms. Join in the fun and win glory for your House team! 

    Thursday lunchtime! PLEDGES points for competing and its going to be flippin' fun!

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  • Year 11 Matters update

    Published 01/02/18


    The updated revision sessions and support timetable is now live on the website. Check out the 'Examinations and Revision' tab for some great tips and advice.

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  • Year 9 STEM Days

    Published 01/02/18

    Ely College joins forces with Anglian Water and the RAF Youth Engagement teams to give students an insight into industry.

    Students at Ely College have had their eyes opened to future career opportunities through nation-wide Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programmes, which have included visits to the school from Anglian Water and the Royal Air Force (RAF) Youth Engagement Team.

    On Wednesday 31 January Anglian Water visited Ely College Year 9 students to work through real world challenges faced when working in the public utilities sector.  Students completed the Water Supply Challenge and Lego Build Time Trials by working in small teams to design, build and test their own ideas to solve the issues at hand, putting their STEM skills and knowledge to the test.  

    As part of a series of STEM days across all year groups, students were also visited in October by the RAF Youth Engagement Team. They build structurally efficient towers, investigated kinetic speed cars, explored the world of robotics and learnt basic coding. Inspired by their centenary anniversary, the RAF workshops also offered some interesting historical context to their innovative advancements in technology to inspire students to pursue a career in the service.  

    Sam Craven, Science Curriculum Leader, said of these STEM partnerships, “Ely College is committed to ensuring that our students are prepared for the world of work, and that they understand the careers that can be available for them. Particularly in the case of STEM careers, they are aware of the skills and qualification they will need.

    “We work with organisations like Anglian Water and the RAF Youth Engagement Team to connect with industry and provide our young people with opportunities that enable them to apply theory into practical experiences, helping them to understand that working hard during education can lead to a rewarding career further down the line.”

    The dedicated STEM days build on the diverse curriculum already offered at Ely College, as the school seeks to create the next generation of digitally smart students to support the growing technology led world we live in. These active enrichment workshops allow students to simulate real life engineering missions using their design technology, maths, science and engineering skills as well as personal, learning and thinking skills.

    Richard Spencer, principal of Ely College, said: “Through the experiences, projects and placements that take place in STEM programmes, our pupils can put their creative thinking into action and learn vital skills such as time management, team work and problem solving. By collaborating with partners and agencies, our students are learning more about local employers and national industry.

    “We would like to say thank you to Anglian Water and the RAF Youth Engagement Team for visiting Ely College and giving our students a taste of working in these industries.”


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  • Rock Painting Inter-House Challenge

    Published 26/01/18

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  • Physical Education Survey

    Published 24/01/18

    Physical Education Survey

    Can parents / carers please direct their child to the following online survey.

    We are interested in hearing about your healthy active approaches to life and how we can potentially support those who currently don’t engage highly in school, after school or local sports clubs.

    Please help Ely College PE department shape your experiences both in school and out of school by completing the following survey:

    The survey looks at health and physical activity levels in our students and responses will help to shape our curriculum and extra-curricular offer.

    You responses will help us to decide on the sports that we prioritise moving forward and where we look to establish local school sports links.

    Deadline is Friday 9th February. Thank you in advance for you valued input.

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  • PLEDGES & Futures Day

    Published 23/01/18

    PLEDGES and Futures Day - 22nd January 2018

    We had an amazing time yesterday for PLEDGES and Futures Day. We hope students were able to take alot away with them regarding making healthy choices and the support available to them concerning their physical, mental and sexual wellbeing.

    A huge thank you goes out to all our guest speakers and outside agencies who made the day such a success. Each of them offered something new and insightful to engage with students in a meaningful way.

    PLEDGES challenges have gone from strength to strength in school, beyond the classroom and are incorporated into the 'Session 6' afterschool programmes. They are a vital part of the changes that Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust bring to all schools in their family.

    Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, PLEDGES help students develop character and responsibility that can be taken into their adult life. They encourage students to get involved with the wider experiences the college has to offer them.

    In the evening we opened up the converstion on mental health to the public as we hosted a pop up cafe with Talking FreEly, guest speaker Nastasha Devon MBE and the Bishop Laney student council. It was an inspirational event!

    Here are a few highlights of the day:

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  • Talking FreELY & Ely College host teen mental health awareness event with MBE guest speaker

    Published 15/01/18

    Talking FreELY and Ely College are working together to provide an event ‘by students, for students’ with the aim of encouraging them to talk openly about their mental health.

    The mental health of children and young adults has been increasingly in the news in recent months, with organisations such as Young Minds campaigning for the government to place more emphasis on preventative measures and to give young people a voice when it comes to their own mental health.

    The event will follow a similar format to events held previously by Talking FreELY, on this occasion, with the signature ‘talking volunteers’ and pop-up cafe being run by Bishop Laney Sixth Form students, as they invite younger students and other local schools to join in the discussion as part of their annual PLEDGES and Futures Day.

    Anthony Sigrist, CEO of Talking FreELY, says ‘We are delighted to be working with Ely College. Incidence of mental illness amongst young people is increasing more rapidly than within any other age group yet it is often overlooked. Projects like ours are essential in supporting our young people and making a lasting impact on how society perceives and tackles mental illness, now, and in the future.’

    Principal, Richard Spencer added to this: “Talking openly about mental health is critical to identifying issues and targeting support. We are so pleased to be working with Talking FreELY, and are honoured to welcome Natasha Devon on 22nd January as we celebrate another positive PLEDGES and Futures Day centred on personal well-being. We hope that this event will bring together Ely people to share perspectives, experiences and solutions.”

    From 4pm the event will open to the general public with a Talking FreELY pop-up cafe and a discussion hosted by renowned mental health writer, campaigner and pundit Natasha Devon MBE.

    Natasha tours schools and colleges throughout the UK, delivering talks as well as conducting research on mental health, body image, gender and social equality. She regularly gives evidence to the Education and Health Select Committees, representing the interests of teenagers and teachers. In 2016 she was named one of the 500 most influential people in Britain by The Times and Debretts and was awarded an MBE for services to young people in 2015.

    The event will be free of charge, for all to attend. This event is not just for teens and their parents. Join the conversation as other local mental health and wellbeing organisations will be attending to share information about their projects.

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  • First Gold PLEDGES award

    Published 10/01/18

    Au-some news! A hard working Franklin House student has become the first ever to achieve a Gold PLEDGES accolade. This comes just 12 months since the academy officially rolled out the reward and behaviour system at Ely College.

    Harriet Cree in Year 11 took part in a number of activities to achieve her Bronze, Silver and Gold PLEDGES. These included participating in the student council as a student ambassador, raising money for charity through events and fundraisers for the Kenya Project, assisting the school with consultations and parent’s evening, and heading up a student voice feedback project.

    Speaking about her achievement, Harriett said: “It’s so great to see that all my hard work has paid off. I have enjoyed working towards my PLEDGES and I’m excited to continue to challenge myself further and help others with their PLEDGES.” Adding to her PLEDGES points 'beyond the classroom' was the secret to her success, with her community action via the local Scouts all counting. She added: “The Gold PLEDGE means a lot, and I was surprised at how quickly I achieved it. Working with the Scouts as a Youth Leader has really driven me to get involved in projects I otherwise might not have.”

    Since Ely College joined the CMAT trust, the college has introduced a simple but broad set of PLEDGES that pupils are expected to complete during their time at the school, at bronze, silver and gold levels. Students gain their PLEDGES through activity and work across seven categories: Participation, Leadership, Environment, Diversity, Giving, Excellence and Service.

    The PLEDGES form part of the school's parallel curriculum – a system that is designed to develop the whole child and complement the academic courses. Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme (also offered at Ely College!), it helps pupils develop character and skills that can be taken into their adult life.

    Richard Spencer, Principal at Ely College said “The scheme has really helped drive a wide range of activities and improved relationships. It encourages students to give back to the school and their communities. Through PLEDGES, we can recognise, encourage and reward those important aspects of personal development and learning that examinations don’t. I’d like to congratulate Harriet and look forward to giving out many more gold awards in the months to come”.



    (holding 'gold' sign whilst helping staff with 'challenge' in their teaching practice... ooh the foreshadowing!)

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  • 12 Hours of Sport & Ward Visit

    Published 19/12/17

    Ely College students visit children and teen cancer wards after an epic ‘12 Hours of Sport’.

    Twelve students from Ely College were selected to be part of a special trip to Addenbrooke’s Hospital today (19th) to offer holiday cheer and gifts to children on the cancer wards after sweating for 12 hours to raise money.

    The students all participated in the ‘12 Hours of Sport’ event, which gives Key Stage 3 students at Ely College the opportunity to raise money on behalf of the Malcolm Whales Foundation (MWF).

    Students arrived at the college before 7am and worked solidly for 12 hours in the gym and fitness suite, raising over £2000. Staff were very impressed with the dedication and effort shown, but also the leadership qualities that shone through on the day as students supported each other and steered their own pace to keep each other motivated. Mr Patman, PE teacher at Ely College and trustee of the MWF said “While we like to keep it interesting for them by facilitating games and different sports, this year students really stepped up and worked exceptionally well together.”

    For going above and beyond, twelve students were invited to take £500 of the money raised and become elves for the day. They visited the C2 children’s oncology and haematology ward in Addenbrooke’s to deliver sacks full of presents, board games and puzzles that would benefit the ward for months to come and help to put a smile on poorly children’s faces this Christmas.

    Year 9 student, Josh Lawrence, said: “A lot of kids are going through painful treatment now so they can spend recovery time at home for Christmas. It was nice to play a game of Connect 4 with them and put a smile on their face. They were so grateful for the gifts, as were the nurses at Addenbrooke’s.”

    Ely College will continue to cherish their link with the Malcolm Whales Foundation and we look forward to next year’s fundraising efforts with the Dorset Walk in July. Any other local schools keen to join us for our 12 Hours of Sport 2018, are welcome to contact Mr Patman via the college.

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  • PLEDGES & Futures "Charities" Day

    Published 19/12/17

    Ely College students organise their first PLEDGES and Futures ‘Charity Day’ in aid of five House Charities.

    Ely College students celebrated their first ‘Charities Day’ which raised nearly £2000 for their chosen charities.

    This action packed event, dedicated to fundraising, is one of the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust’s well-established PLEDGES and Futures Days, where students are given the opportunity to work towards their PLEDGES or broaden their experiences as they work towards their future careers.

    In the lead up to the big day, the students came together in their form groups and Houses to vote for their House charities for the year. It was a difficult process as so many worthy causes were on the table, but overall each House leaned towards a charity that helped children. Students shared their thoughts and empathised with young people their age who face difficult challenges or life threating conditions.  This year, Ely College will be supporting the following five charities:

    • Arthur Rank Hospice - Scott House
    • Little Miracles - Etheldreda House
    • C9 Cancer Ward at Addenbrooke’s Hospital- Franklin House
    • Make A Wish Foundation- Turing House
    • with Bishop Laney Sixth Form supporting the Restricted Growth Association.

    Students brainstormed fundraising ideas, planned and prepared their stalls and the culmination of their hard work came together on Wednesday as ‘Charities Day 2017’ took place. The school site was divided into event areas with a food court, media zone, disco and even a haunted house! Soak the teacher was very popular as were glitter makeovers and various delicious cake sales.  As well as the traditional lucky dips and tombola’s we had some fresh ideas. From karaoke to Elfie Selfie stations, console room to sweet casinos; there was something for everyone!

    The event was well supported by the local community, with Gourmet Brownie and the Ely Fire Service joining in the fun to raise money for these great causes. Principal of Ely College, Richard Spencer, thanked his staff and all who supported the event and said: “PLEDGES and Futures Days are so important because they play a vital part in helping our students to develop empathy as well as more tangible skills such as the teamwork and responsibility that comes with event planning.

    “Handling cash with an insight into customer service and building communications skills that will benefit them throughout their lives, preparing them for life beyond the classroom. We are delighted with how the students have embraced their House Charities this year and we look forward to running fundraisers for them throughout the year.”

    Head Girl, Jaden Coe said: “What an awesome day. Enjoying the games and activities with my friends this close to the end of term has put us all in a very Christmassy mood. I enjoyed working with everyone in my form group to come up with an idea to raise the most money. One of the houses will win and while its is nice to add some friendly inter-house competitions to the mix, we are really pleased the money will go to help children and their families who deserve it. We want to thank our form tutors for helping us raise so much.”

    PLEDGES were introduced at Ely College last year and are vital in ensuring students leave college as well rounded individuals, to support their academic and career paths. A system of rewards and behaviour, PLEDGES help students develop character and responsibility that can be taken into their adult life. They encourage students to get involved with the wider experiences the college and community has to offer them.

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  • Rubik’s Cube Inter-House challenge

    Published 19/12/17

    Students at Ely College share their fascination with Rubik’s Cube puzzles and compete in House challenge

    A common interest in Rubik’s Cube style puzzles has led to students collaborating in a friendly inter-House competition to speed solve this classic toy.

    A maths lesson in cubed numbers with Mrs Goodey at Ely College shed light on a popular hobby shared by a number of students: “It was lovely to see passion and confidence in students as they shared their hobbies linked to maths and problem solving”. In their spare time, Year 7 Cameron Lamb and Year 10 Oscar Barter, push themselves to speed solve different types of Rubik’s Cubes. Both have competed in national competitions and their teacher was keen to help them share their hobby after they impressed their class mates. Demonstrations have prompted some friendly competition and the possibility of starting a ‘Session 6’ afterschool club.

    Session 6 at Ely College extends the learning day to 4:15pm for students who wish to stay for after-school activities or additional curriculum assistance. Enrichment opportunities like inter-house competitions and extended curriculum day, including PLEDGES and Futures Days, allow students to explore leadership and personal skills that can be taken into their adult life.



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